Discover entire lead platforms dedicated to specific industries that offer protected Zip Code Territories



Our Industry Specific Lead Platforms provide amazing value by allowing our customers the ability to target high purchase intent customers at scale in a protected Zip Code Territory. Check out all of our platforms below!

High Intent Insurance Consumer leads are notoriously expensive to buy. Low-intent leads that are months old and sold to multiple agents make closing new policies difficult and costly. That’s not the case with Policy Sherpas. We push Google search traffic leads into your broker dashboard every morning. You also get a protected zip code territory and own all the leads that come in!

Law practice leads are some of the most expensive leads on the planet. With search keywords costing up to $150 per click in some markets, the cost to acquire a legal client can be very expensive. Law Sherpas provides the high-intent leads of Google Search without the high costs. Own a protected territory for your line of legal services and get fresh leads in your dashboard every morning!

Find hundreds of home buyers and sellers in your lead dashboard every morning. Own a protected Zip Code territory and keep all of our fresh, Google search home buyers and sellers to yourself. These leads close because we give you access to them while they are actively looking for a Realtor or a Home to buy in your protected zip code territory. Hurry and sign up while there are territories available!

Home service contractors love RehabSherpas. We find consumers who are looking for home service providers and contractors for renovation projects, handyman services, and even lawn care companies. We provide leads in bulk to over 25 different service providers looking for new high-converting customers at scale. Try our leads for 7 full days absolutely free!

Interior designers looking for new clients love the high-intent leads that we provide to our designers. We provide a directory listing, protected lead territories and fresh, highly interested consumers looking to hire an Interior Designer in their local area. 

In addition to providing raw leads, we also help our Interior Designers nurture their leads and set appointments with customers!

There are tens of thousands of patients looking for a therapist every month on Google. We help unlock these customers and put them into our Therapists Lead Dashboard every morning for their protected territory. We then go on to help them nurture these leads by inviting customers to schedule a free consultation.

These Therapy leads have very high conversion rates for our Therapists!